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℃-ute – Mugen Climax (Song Review)

Release Date: November 2nd, 2016

『夢幻クライマックス』 Mugen no Climax (M/V)- ℃-ute

One of C-ute’s latest songs, ‘Mugen Climax’, has just been released from 2nd November in their most recent single, just following the groups announcement to disband this coming June, 2017. In all honesty, I’m usually not a huge fan of C-ute songs, nor do I keep a close eye on their releases… BUT I couldn’t ignore the chance to review ‘Dreamlike Climax’ when the opportunity was granted to me (Thank you, Chiima)! Without further ado, I am going to write my first ever review of a Hello! Project song, despite being a (very) keen fan for almost ten years.

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℃-ute – Naze Hito wa Arasoun Darou? / Summer Wind / Jinsei wa STEP!

℃-ute bring their 29th single release in the form of yet another triple A-side. With nostalgic flare and decent vocals, you can expect some fun with this single for the on-coming summer season.

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