This post is about two months later than it should’ve been. But it’s better late than never. Nakajima Takui isn’t an idol singer, but he has written songs for some current Hello! Project acts and is part of Hello! Project’s parent company Up-Front Promotion. He has also been making music for a while, and is still relatively unnoticed in countries outside of Japan.

The Song

The song has the usual sound that I attribute Nakajima with. Strong, slightly harsh vocals with an interesting instrumental. The lyrics themselves are also not that dark despite how the song sounds. They’ve very motivational and at times inspiring. While this is a common theme, it is still nice to see again after so long. The only real gripe I have with the song is how much shouting it feels like there is in the song. There has been some in past songs, but it felt kind of excessive in this one. There is still a lot of emotion being put into the song though.


The Music Video

The music video has a few different sets/ designs it follows. There are scenes that involve him playing a guitar with the live band in a dark room. Later in the song, it changes to an outside scene with the sun rising. There are other shots of a dark depressing city that progressively becomes less depressing throughout the song. It’s very intentional looking, but it works for the song.


My Thoughts

I didn’t expect this song at all. While Nakajima Takui was releasing some stuff back when I discovered him in 2013, he became a lot more busy in 2015 after taking on more roles within Hello! Project. While this was cool to me as a fan, it also meant that nothing has been released since around the end of 2014 or early 2015. The song also isn’t the best thing he’s done, but it’s not the worst. The song takes time to grow on you as well, and I do regret not reviewing this earlier.