Zenbu Kimi no Sei da has consistently been releasing well done music videos. The release of Alternative Melancholy to promote their second album is just the latest in that series.  If you are a fan of the group, Yami Kawaii, or even the Alt Idol genre, you’ll probably like this song. This is the first music video to not feature Mogeki Aza, and it’s also the last video to feature Narumi Gomochi before she had to leave the group at the end of December.  With that sadness aside, let’s check it out!

The Music Video

The music video starts with the members dancing happily together in a field, when they find apples rolling out of a dark forest nearby, they head into it and that’s when things begin to get weird.

Featuring creepy wolf-people, dancing, violence, monsters, and apples. This music video has a very action packed feel to it. The use of color in it is also  pretty good. Which is something the group is consistently able to do.

The song

The song is admittedly not the best, especially compared to some of their other songs in 2016. However, that doesn’t make it that bad of a song by any means. If you are a fan of Zenbu Kimi no Sei da already, or even a fan of the Yami Kawaii genre, then you’ll probably like it.

Final Thoughts

I have a bit less to say about this music video than I have with past videos of this group. While I do like how the video was put together, it just feels like there is less to say than there usually is for these kinds of videos. I’m upset that Mogeki Aza and Narumi Gomochi had to leave the group the way they did, and for me, this song really struck a cord with you.

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