Hashire! Idol Manic


October 2016

Iwanaga Tsugumi – Ima Shikanai ~now or never~ / Itsumademo

Featuringan upbeat A-side and a melancholic coupling song, Iwanaga Tsugumi presents her debut single, Ima Shikana ~now or never~ / Itsumademo. Though no stranger to the industry, this is the Idols first step into what will hopefully become a fruitful career.

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Kamen Joshi – Moso Nikki

Moso Nikki is Kamen Joshi’s second indies single. It features a creepy Halloween-like instrumental and the usual mashup of genres that Kamen Joshi is known for, and features some of their other songs released during the same time.

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Toyonaga Toshiyuki – C”LR”OWN

Today’s introduction and review is Toshiyuki Toyonaga’s first mini album, C “LR”OWN. With the album title fitting the Halloween vibe, this is a great album to check out this October!


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