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August 2016

Zenbu Kimi no Sei da – Mudai Gassho

Yami-kawaii idol group, Zenbu Kimi no Sei da released their first physical single (3rd overall) and impressed fans with the quality and feel of the release.


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Meltia – A Corsage of White Rose (Music Video)

With a much-anticipated first PV release, Lolita-themed Idol group meltia meet and exceed the expectations set by the fans, delivering a surprising performance in the form of A Corsage of White Rose.


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Kobushi Factory – Samba! Kobushi Janeiro / Bacchikoi Seishun! / Ora wa Ninkimono

Kobushi Factory bring their third single release, including a Brazilian Samba and a Crayon Shin-chan cover song for fans old and new to enjoy! The questionhowever, is if it will hold up to the likes of the previous three singles?

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Houkago Princess – Seishun Mermaid

Seishun Mermaid (青春マーメイド) is the 3rd major single of idol group Houkago Princess. The single follows suit of their newly implemented theme, being the 4th major release targeted towards a historical or fairy tale being.

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