Ohara Sakurako brings along her 5th solo release mixed with her own brand of fun that would fit even the rainiest of days. Great vocals, upbeat music and an enjoyable track list all come together to create June’s perfect Summer sound.

Release Date: June 1st, 2016

Track List

  1. Daisuki (大好)
  2. Tremolo Rain (トレモロレイン)
  3. Step (ステップ)
  4. (+ instrumental versions)

The Songs

As a whole, let’s just say that Ohara Sakurako’s fifth single (seventh overall) is one positive ball of fun. If you’re a fan of this talented girl already, then you’re probably enjoying the single already, and even if you aren’t, there should be something worthwhile in here that you might enjoy, even as a casual listener.

Opening the release is Daisuki, a sweet and heartfelt piece with an upbeat tune that is currently serving as the CM track for the mobile gaming app, Shironeko Project. It’s an energetic, catchy piece, however it is also the least memorable of three songs present. Regardless of that, it is an enjoyable song all the same, and definitely worth a listen.

The second track, Tremolo Rain, is one of more catchy songs to appear on the single, as well as one of the most promising thanks to its cheerful, upbeat sound. With its tinkling tones and uplifting tune, the song feels vibrant and lively, making it a perfect track to tune into on a rainy day. A bonus is that this song is pretty easy to sing along to, too, so give this one a go if you want something to hum along to.

And last (but by no means least), there is Step, a song that is so bubbly and optimistic, it might just stick in your head. Of all the songs, this is the one with the most replay value, making it one of the most memorable tracks here. It is also the only song not to have an accompanying music video, which is a shame considering how fun and upbeat it is. With or without a video, though, this is a great song that will surely lift your spirits and have you singing along in no time.

The Videos

As a video, Daisuki is simple in execution, yet bittersweet in tone. Its bright, saturated look feels almost dream-like, and Sakurako’s performance is just as beautiful as the location used for the video. The balloons are a nice touch, too, and create that idea of forgiveness and love. It’s a fitting video, if anything.

Tremolo Rain, on the other hand, feels less than fitting, especially when you consider how fun and vibrant the song sounds. Of course the editing is great, though some lip-synching issues could bother the viewer, and its cool blue tone and style choice works well with the song and its name. That said, Ohara’s own lack of movement leaves something to be desired for the video, allowing it to feel far too static.

Final Thoughts

Creating a fun and vibrant feel is something this single seems to achieve nicely. Daisuki as a whole is an exuberant and bright piece that is, in general, a good listen with some interesting tracks that not only suit Ohara Sakurako’s voice perfectly, but will also keep you invested as a listener thanks to how entertaining its songs are. It’s a cheerful, feel-good Summer single packed to the brim with personality and energy that you might just get hooked on (if that’s what floats your boat, that is).

Daisuki / Sakurako Ohara
Sakurako Ohara