℃-ute bring their 29th single release in the form of yet another triple A-side. With nostalgic flare and decent vocals, you can expect some fun with this single for the on-coming summer season.

Release Date: 20th April, 2016

Track List

  1. Naze Hito wa Arasoun Darou? (何故 人は争うんだろう?)
  2. Summer Wind
  3. Jinsei wa STEP! (人生はSTEP!)
  4. (+ instrumental versions)

The Songs

Jumping right into it, there is no denying that all songs present within this single are pretty well rounded, and each a good listen, depending on what you are in the mood for. All three have something there to keep a potential listener interested, and whilst one may be weaker than the other two in terms of replay value or how catchy it can be, it can still be said that, as a whole, all of these songs are great in their own way.

Of the three, it is actually the final track, Jinsei wa STEP!, that is the fan favourite, and understandbly so. It’s unique and entertaining for a Hello! Project piece, and is an energetic, memorable song with decent vocals that allow us to recognise the fun the members are having when singing the song. It’s filled with a lot of passion and it’s emotive, allowing this song to deliver a pretty nice example of how to best display ℃-ute’s singing ability.

Naze Hito wa Arasoun Darou?, the official first track of the single, is another great song that, whilst not as well-liked as Jinsei wa STEP! is, is still a great number, as well as one of the more unique songs to come out of Hello! Project this year. Depending on who you ask, too, this could be considered the most appealing track of the three thanks to its fresh and vibrant sound, as well as the beauty of the members’ voices coming together in perfect harmony. Suzuki Airi sounds especially mesmirising here, and those backing vocals really do tie this song together nicely.

Finally there is Summer Wind, and whilst it is only the second track on the single, it is also the most overlooked of the three thanks to its dulcet tones and rather typical Hello! Project sound. This happens to be the sole track written and composed by Tsunku for this release, and whilst it may be recycled in sound, it is still an interesting and refreshing piece from Tsunku. It is a lot better than a few tracks he has written for 2016, and as a song, it’s a pretty solid medium for the other two tracks, giving balance to the single with its distinct, mellow tone.

The Videos

The fact that Hello! Project are no longer skimping on ℃-ute’s video quality is a blessing. All three promotional music videos for this single are great quality, they are appealing to look at, and each has a vibe and overall tone that represents its corresponding song beautifully.

Of the three, Summer Wind has to be the most aesthetically pleasing thanks to its cinematic sequences and crisp, cool look. It has some pretty stellar wardrobe choices too, which is a blessing in disgise given the spandex and foil look Hello! Project have been sporting with other groups.

Naze Hito wa Arasoun Darou? has a very fitting video, actually, and though the execution is simple in how it is edited, it works well with the song given, and looks very 1930’s thanks to the aesthetics. Jinsei wa STEP! has to be the fun promotional video of the three though, thanks to its fast pace, varying camera angles and contrasting tones with dance, solo and alternative shots. The choreographies not bad, either!

Final Thoughts

For their first release of 2016, ℃-ute have delivered a single filled to the brim with nostalgia that is fresh even for Hello! Project, and it is honestly a great start to the year for the five member unit. It’s a treat both visually and musically, and is a catchy, solid single packed with entertainment and replay value that fans old and new alike will enjoy thanks to how diverse it is in sound and look.